RenQuip have teamed up with CLIMAX | H&S TOOL to provide with first class ECITB training as dedicated partners in Scotland.

This professional operational training will keep new and veteran workers on the cutting edge, with th e capability to train machine tool operators to ECITB standards, thus contributing to the professional development of your workforce.


Professional, Experienced Instructors

Your instructor will provide valuable information on operator safety, tool set-up, mounting, and operation that will help you complete your on-site machining tasks quickly and to the highest quality standards.


Top-Rated Reference Training Materials

All students will receive a digital copy of the training manual. Each manual includes:

§  Valuable information covered during the training session on machine setup, operation, and accessories.

§  Custom-developed reference material showing cutting tool characteristics, giving the operator the help, they need in selecting the proper cutting bit.

§  Detailed instructions on how to select the right RPM and feed rate for the job requirements.

§  Tips and tricks on how to keep your portable tools in top operating condition.

·        Operator safety

·        Tool component review and setup

·        Standard operational techniques

·        Overview of cutting tools and recommended usage  

·        Maintenance procedures

TS OSM 01 – On-Site Cutting and Weld Preparation

TS OSM 02 – On-Site Joint Face Machining – Full & Raised Face Flanges

Technical Tests:
  • OSM 01 – On-Site Cutting and Weld Preparation

  • OSM 02 – On-Site Joint Face Machining – Full & Raised Face Flanges

  • OSM 03 – On-Site Drilling and Thread Tapping

  • OSM 04 – On-Site Milling

  • TOSM 05 On-site joint Face –Advanced- Ring Type Joint

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