Mechanical Flange Alignment Tool

The AT4K is a mechanical flange alignment tool that is used to correct:

  • Linear misalignment  (when the axis of the two flanges are not aligned)
  • Rotational misalignment  (when the axis of the flanges are aligned but the bolt holes are not).

The AT4K can produce a maximum reaction alignment force of 40kN (4T) when a torque of 68Nm ( is applied to the tool.

🟩     High durability high quality low maintenance                         design.

🟩       Tool weight: 8Kg (17.6lbs)

🟩     No external anchor points or rigging required.

🟩     Can be used to prevent misalignment during flange           joint maintenance.

🟩     100% Load tested and certified.

🟩     Prevents gasket pinching during flange joint                             assembly.

🟩     Torque wrench provided for accurate tool loading.

🟩     Robust moulded case for easy transportation &                     storage.

🟩     Bearings rated to provide overload warning.


Kit Weight: 12Kg (26.5lbs)

Kit Dims.: 580mm x 340mm x 180mm                                       (22.8” x 13.4” x 7.1”)

Tool Weight: 8Kg (17.6lbs)

Tool Dims.: 100mm x 285mm x 380mm 
                           (3.9” x 11.2” x 15.0”)

Product Ordering Code: AT4K

Kit Content 
β€’ 1 x AT4 Tool
β€’ 1 x Torque Wrench
β€’ 1 x Ratchet and Strap
β€’ 1 x Instruction Manual
β€’ 1 x Robust Moulded Carry Case