RenQuip Unveils World's Most Powerful Flange Spreader

RenQuip, a pioneering manufacturer of hydraulic and mechanical equipment, proudly announces the launch of the Viper-28, a groundbreaking flange spreading wedge that sets a new benchmark for the global flange tool market.

The Viper-28 is set to be the most powerful flange spreader in the world, boasting an unrivalled spreading force of 28 tonnes and a precision tip measuring just 5 millimetres. This revolutionary tool offers extraordinary performance and a wide range of applications for flanged joint maintenance, installation, and commissioning.  

Despite its immense power, the Viper-28 weighs only 5 kilograms, combining lightweight design with formidable strength. Its innovative single-pin mechanism allows the entire tool to be disassembled by hand for simple and efficient maintenance. Crafted from the toughest materials, the Viper-28 has demonstrated exceptional performance and durability through rigorous endurance and overload testing, as well as extensive field trials.

Marc Gerrard, Managing Director of RenQuip, expressed his pride in the company’s growth and innovation, stating, "Our team has dedicated thousands of hours to engineering, design, and testing. The launch of the Viper-28 represents our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. This groundbreaking product not only showcases our technical expertise but also solidifies our position in the market as a premium brand. We are excited to continue providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions and a world-class customer experience."

The Viper-28 aligns with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, designed to assist in flange maintenance and prevent leakages. Its lightweight design ensures easy transportation, and it boasts a long operational life. Additionally, it can run on biodegradable oil for environmentally conscious applications. The tool’s extensive certifications and regulatory compliance highlight RenQuip’s dedication to safety and sustainability.

RenQuip is rapidly expanding its international footprint through key distributors, experiencing significant growth and capturing an increasing share in both local and international markets. Despite being a relatively young company, RenQuip has consistently punched above its weight since its inception, investing over £1 million in stock and securing distributorships for renowned brands in the UK such as Norbar, Atlas Copco, Festec, and Climax H&S Tool.

The company employs a highly experienced and competent team, boasting a combined technical experience of over 100 years. RenQuip’s proven track record and reputation for being experienced, rapid, reliable, and professional have been key drivers of its success. It’s New Product Development (NPD) vault is bursting with innovative new solutions, products, and improvements to existing offerings.